Monday, July 12, 2010

Are You Engaging?

The other day I was listening to CraftyPod’s pod cast #106 Engagement Marketing For Your Crafty Business. Sounds completely boring, right? The interesting thing is how NOT boring it was to me. I let my partners know about this pod cast and how I thought this could be very important for us.

You see, Engagement Marketing is the new term for advertising. The pod cast will tell you how we all grew up with broadcast marketing shouting at us from the t.v. It also says we have learned to ignore it. Therefore, it no longer works as well. Engagement Marketing, however, is about how you connect to one customer at a time. It is not about a sales pitch.

This got me thinking. It’s an idea that can be applied on many levels. Engagement Marketing is not just about business, but about individuals. Are you engaging to others? Or are you broadcast advertising yourself?

One part of engagement marketing is connecting to others because you want to build an ongoing relationship. Not just “BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!” If you are broadcast advertising yourself it is going to fail. It loses people’s interest. It’s boring.

Another part of engagement marketing is to give something freely. It builds trust. Not necessarily a product, but many other things. Time, a recipe, a lesson on a skill. When you’ve connected with someone with sincere interest and given them something useful, informative in return, it makes you interesting.

Now the interesting part. I’m planning on featuring people who are Engaging on this blog. Do you fit the description of someone who is engaging? Are you doing something interesting and want a little Engaging Marketing done? If so, email me at Give your story and a pic if you want. Tell us why you’re an engaging person.



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