Thursday, January 6, 2011

Energy Day 5

I worked a long shift today.  I intended to take the stairs all day today.  It didn't happen.  I work in a hospital which sadly does not locate its stairs near the elevators.  When I get called urgently to an area of the hospital, I need to take the shortest route, even if its the elevator.  I took the stairs a little less than half the time. 

I also lug equipment between floors. What I did do was plug my living room entertainment gadgets into a power strip.  If you are in the dark as to why I did this, you may find this article helpful. I unplugged the toaste and 2 other electronics that aren't in use regulary. I am picking up my daughter from school tomorrow on the bus which includes a mile walk to the bus stop. Even though I am dreading this 'inconvenience', I know the walk will be meditative and people watching will be interesting. For being an 'average' American consumer, I can really see how I am very spoiled with 'conveniences'. I am also an avid camper/backpacker. I bring this up because a majority of your time is spent being comfortable in either nutrition, warmth, shelter, hydration, rest with periodic breathtaking views. It's a little like that when your comforts are transposed and you are taken out of your comfort zone. They both take a little getting used to and once it's a habit, it's a habit.

I also took a carbon footprint survey online. I learned that my household carbon foot print is approximately 23.47 metric tons of Co2 per year. One website suggested it takes approximately 6 5yr old trees to offset 2 metric tons of Co2. If that's correct, I need to plant 66 trees in my backyard. I don't know how accurate this is, I don't believe everything I read or hear. I wouldn't be surprised however if it were more than I have room for since I drive a SUV, my house is cool in summer, warm in winter and we have a lot of electronics. I do find it comforting to know that I am not leaving nearly as big as a carbon foot print than Al Gore, the subject of 'An Inconvenient Truth' and recipient of a Nobel Prize!!

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