Monday, January 10, 2011

Giving Back & EcoSabbath

Saturday was 'Giving Back'. This can take many shapes, both little and large in its compass but it's probably more important to do it long term. The what, where, how, who isn't as important as making a life-long committment to giving back, whether it is for one organization or many. On Saturday, I brought an old favorite winter coat to the hospital I work for. It's not the first time, it won't be the last. Our Emergency Room Social Worker works amazing feats of miracles. At times she is tasked with finding the identity of a critically ill patient with nothing more to work with than his finger prints, finding family members of a critically ill patient that has been estranged and can't tell her where they are, find housing and home care emergently for people in need. Frequently, her clients are discharged without clothes. They have no clothes because they were cut off by medics and fireman in an emergency and they don't have family to bring them new clothes. Her clients may be homeless too. Her clients need clothes & shoes and now that it is Winter, they need coats too. A lot of charitable organizations make the news, press and word of mouth. If you are at a loss as to where YOU fit in pertaining to giving back,, I suggest you contact the social workers in a hospital in your community. Childrens hospitals have different needs than community hospitals and trauma centers but they have one thing in common. Their social workers need your help. It's a great way to make a big difference in someones life in YOUR community. Think about it..

On Sunday, I worked another long shift. I did reflect on the past week all weekend. I talked to others about what I was doing when they seemed interested. I feel like several seeds were planted in my co-workers who appear to accept me even though I might be 'A bit off'. I accept them for who they are too.....

I plan to write a follow up in 100 days to observe and reflect on how the NIW affected me long term and I very much welcome your own observations, both good and bad. I think it's good to share experiences when trying something new to validate one's own experiences and avoid feeling insufficient in such matters. If 100 days comes and go and I still haven't posted, feel free to give me a nudge;p


  1. I only like you because you are a "bit off." Congrats on making it through the week!

  2. I think we are all "a bit off" in one way or another. Great job on the week, you did a lot better than me, but I learned a lot. Great idea for the social workers in the hospitals.