Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Products!

Hi everyone! We are still working hard on some new products. This week we'll add to the Laundry Soap line with a 1 Gallon size. Of course we're offering refills on that size, too.

The new additions...An all around Household Cleaning Spray that smells so good you'll want to spray yourself with it.

Sleep Pouches with a mix of natural herbs and essential oils. Tuck these into your pillow, delicates drawer or hang in your clothes closet for a calm relaxing scent.

Lastly, we have Homemade Sugar Scrub. This has homemade vanilla extract which I actually make myself. You'll feel great getting out of the shower.

I know Tina is hiding a few more products and hopefully she'll have time to post them.

I'll be at the Tuesday San Marcos Farmers Market if you have a chance to drop by.

Happy Homemade!


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