Monday, October 25, 2010

Hog Eye

This past Saturday we had the opportunity to participate in the Hogeye Festival in Elgin.  This festival is a really big event and brings many residents as well as out of town visitors.  We were surprised by how many times we asked, "Are you from Elgin?"  and the answer was no.  Here's a pic of our booth with the 3 chicks and 1 chicklet who came to enjoy the other attractions offered by the festival.

There were approximately 3 blocks of booths, kids games, a carnival, and all the fried food you could want.

There was something there for everyone... How could you not want to kiss a face like that?

There were also some good showings in the cars.  I think this is where the men hung out while the women were oohing and ahhing over the craft booths.

Even the canine class got in the spirit.

There were numerous dressed up dogs and decorated kid wagons.  One memorable puppy, which went by too fast to get a pic, was an English bulldog dressed up in full ballerina attire.  How cute is that?

The 'SowPreams" were there in the all their pink glory.  They're gorgeous!

We had a fun time.  We'd like to thank the City of Elgin for setting up a wonderful festival and keeping traffic running smoothly.  We enjoyed meeting all the people and getting to talk about our products to many who haven't seen us before.  We look forward to seeing some new faces at the Elgin Farmers Market on Tuesdays. 

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