Thursday, November 18, 2010

November Activities

During the fall months things tend to get really busy in the crafting world.  Generally in the real world also.  This is the time of year that is overflowing with back to school activities, fundraisers, football, fall festivals, and craft shows coming out your ears!  The weather is cooler and people want to be outside.  Many are preparing for holidays and love all the new ideas and products that could make a perfect gift for their loved ones.  

This year I decided to try running in a 5k.  There are plenty of those to go around, too.  Pretty much every weekend starting in October, there is a race to be found.  My schedule doesn't permit me to run in races on Saturdays, unless I know way in advance.  I was very pleased when I found the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure was on a Sunday.  I signed up and was then nervous and pretty sure I'd make a fool of myself.  Here I am on race day with my Mad City Chicks pink shirt.

In the end I managed to pull off a pretty decent run.  The organizers did a great job in making sure most of the race was downhill.  At the finish line Rowan was waiting for me.  After all, she's the reason I ran the race...

This weekend you'll want to try to make it over to Craft Riot!  It'll be happening on Saturday and Sunday from 11-6 pm.  Months ago Mad City Chicks worked really fast to get some freebies made to put in the Craft Riot goodie bags.  They'll be giving away 25 bags each day to the first ones there.  I'm going to go on Sunday and shop network with some of the hot new crafters and rub shoulders with some of the celebrity pros.  I hope to come back refreshed, invigorated and with new perspectives.  Craft shows are important to see what others are doing and making sure you're not stuck in a crafting bubble.  You mean painted macaroni necklaces aren't still in style?

Speaking of what's in style, hats are always in style.  Depending on the hat and the style of course.  With cooler weather people always want or need a hat.  I just completed this hat today and I'll have it at the San Marcos Market on Tuesday.  I've fallen in love with this style.  It has such an intricate look to it. 

Other things I'm hoping to add very, very soon are soy candles made with Ecosoya Wax.  I've ordered a spiced chestnut oil blend and a spa lily oil blend to scent the candles.  I've been wavering back and forth on the container I want to use, but I may have made my choice.  Or not.  Some crafting decisions really make you want to pull your hair out.  If you do, I have a hat that can cover it.



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