Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Transportation Day 3

Today was NOT No-Impact transportation.  I had good intentions but apparently I need more planning and I need to be more committed. What I did wrong? I took my SUV everywhere for a total of 13 miles. It gets 17 miles/gallon. Why? Because I was not properly prepared and didn't plan ahead. Also, the rain mad me wuss out. That's where the lack of committment comes in.

What I did right?  I fixed my bike which took about 1 hour.  This included getting out of the garage, sweeping off about an inch of fine sawdust, for those of you who know my husband, you know why.  Take the bike apart, replace tubes, wash grit from chain, gears and brakes.  Re-lube.  Put back together and adjust brakes.  Where's my helmet?  I never found my helmet.  I eventually found Bianca's, I think that will work.  But how to pick up my daughter from school on one bike?  A little late to start planning that.  I decided to make up for my transgressions by learning about Austin's Cap Metro System.  I have ridden the busses in the past when I was a student but it wasn't hard.  I live on a bus line.  Cap Metro now has a Metro rail.  It's a light rail train.  It only runs weekdays during rush-hour but it will add a midday schedule this month! Yeah!! I learned how to buy tickets, where the stops are, and how to bring my bike:)

I also learned a little more about taking the bus.  You can buy tickets at many outlets all over Austin.  Austin has an extensive public transit system.  It really just takes research and dive right in.  You can buy your passes when you buy groceries.  I will wait to purchase the complete schedule book since they are revamping the schedules this month.  I don't want to accidentally get the wrong schedule. 
So in retrospect, today may not be no-impact or even low-impact transportation day but I learned a lot.  Not only the above research but more about myself.  It is VERY convenient to just jump in your car and go.  I was not willing to jump on my bike in the rain and pedal 13 miles.  Sadly, I was not that committed.  But I did learn this is very doable and I plan to pick up my daughter on Friday from school on the bus.  Shhh.....don't tell her!  I also would like to try out the Metro Rail on Friday.  I will let you know how that goes.

I work the next two days, I can't take public transportation to work.  I work 20 miles away, and I leave the house at 5:40 AM.  The busses don't start running until 6 AM.  I could transfer to a closer facility 5 miles away and bike to work.  Hmmm........

I purchased nothing new.  I bought some undershirts for work and a fleece jacket from a second hand store.  I purchased food from a Co-op grocery store in town.  My trash today includes the paper wrapper from meat from last night I forgot to add yesterday, dental floss, a Reece's PB cup wrapper which was actually in 3 parts and a few snips of tea bag pouches.  Tomorrow's challenge... FOOD:)

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