Monday, January 3, 2011

Trash Day 2

I started out my day with coffee and breakfast. I made my coffee, then realized the coffee grounds and filter were potential trash items. I first thought that I should go out and buy a reusable coffee filter that I have seen periodically. Those coffee filters have plastic in them which I am trying to wean myself from so I decided to dump the grounds and filter in my compost pile.
Next was breakfast which included eggs and toast. Again, the compost pile came to my rescue with the eggs shells from Fat Bottom Farms. I used the rest of my blueberry jam that I canned last year so I washed the Mason Jar and put that away, again, no trash.
Next came making reusable bags at the grocery store. I am lucky in that I have 4 grocery stores near me that have lots of bulk and organic foods. I made reusable food bags in order to reuse and buy in bulk, this eliminating a lot of plastic bags. I also had an old shower puff that unraveled. I didn't know what to do with it so I put it in a drawer with other stuff that I thought I could re-purpose. Today, I came across that old puff and since I was in the right frame of mind, I instantly knew what to do with it. I cut it up, tied a knot in one end and made re-usable vege/fruit bags! Serendipity at it's greenest:)
At the end of today, this was the only trash I made. On the left are cotton fabric remnants and threads from making homemade, re-usable bulk item bags. On the right is a plastic soup bag. I can't speak for the two other citizens that live in this house. While shopping at one of our local grocery stores, I absent mindedly picked up a paper cup for some free coffee offered at this store. I happily sipped away and left the cup in my cart. As I was leaving the store I almost put it in the trash can. When I reached over to throw it away, I suddenly realized what I had done. A habit is really hard to break, but it's doable. When I first started using re-usable grocery bags, I had to go back to the car to retrieve the forgotten bags for about 6 months before THAT became my habit. Hang in there newbies, it's very much worth the effort. Anyhow, I took the paper cup home and when I realized it was not lined with some petrochemical, I tossed it in the compost pile. Phew! Near miss....

For new ideas on what to do with potential trash, either google it or check out this nifty resource...

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