Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Final Third!

Welcome to Mad City Chicks Blog. I am the Final Third of this diverse trio. I am wife to my best friend, mother of two beautiful boys, a micro-flock of heritage hens (that I lovingly call The Fat Bottoms) and guinea fowl, a B&G Macaw, 3 dogs and 1 cat.

I was inspired by the other two thirds of this trio to get back to nature, limit the chemicals, pesticides and unnatural applications that we as a society have been lured into belieiving...enough is enough and I now DEMAND Organic for myself and my family.

I grew up in a very small Northern California town, I was able to walk or ride my bike to all the schools. We had a huge garden year round and we owned 5 acres outside of town were we had fruit trees, chickens, rabbits and an occasional goat or cow. We lived very simple, most of the food we consumed was provided by our garden, our farm or hunting/fishing year round. Both my parents are in their eighties and being a member of the healthcare field, they do not have the diseases that I see everyday that is caused by unhealthy eating and toxin exposure.

My vision is in the planning stage, I have the Fat Bottoms that will cultivate my garden area to prepare the soil for crop production next year. Guinea Fowl for pest control. Short term items will be eggs and all natural home cleaning products.

Please follow along on our journey in Sustainable Living and Being Green.



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