Saturday, May 22, 2010

Second Third of 3 Mad City Chicks

I'm Tina, the second member of Mad City Chicks. I'm a mom who works in the medical field with crafting attention disorder. I craft in many media but am master of none. My husband is a very talented artist here in Austin. His media includes wood, acrylic and unusual media that is turned on his lathe. We really enjoy making stuff an are proud members of the Etsy community!!

I am an avid learner. I really enjoy learning new things especially when it comes to making a better life for my family. Providing a clean, safe home for my family is very important to me so I began researching, along with my two friends, how to accomplish just that. We began by learning about the chemicals we are constantly bombarded with and about our food culture. We were disturbed by the information we discovered and decided to do something about it. We began Mad City Chicks as an avenue to provide all-natural, locally produced, sustainable products for our families and for you.
We garden in order to help control what goes into our bodies, we craft cleaning and bath products in order to control what goes on our bodies. We strongly believe in our products from a natural, local and sustainable point of view.

Come join us in our adventures on our blog and keep up to date on where you can find our products by following us on twitter.

Happy Living!

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