Sunday, January 2, 2011

Consumption Day 1

Day one is probably going to be the easiest day since I worked a long shift. Consumption is the special word for today. I didn't buy anything new, not even food. I did try not to make trash to mentally prepare me for tomorrow. I also wanted to see how much/little trash I made while really trying to be good.

I brought my food to work in reusable containers, one of them being an old jelly jar which I used for my organic milk, an another one which was an old tomato sauce jar which carries my tea. I did forget my utensils and a cloth napkin so I used a plastic fork and a plastic spoon that was in a plastic wrapper 'For My Protection'. I have 3 gum wrappers and two plastic cracker wrappers. I brought my coffee in a Thermos which cut down on about 4 styrofoam cups and 4 Keurig cups that I would have normally used. That's all the trash I made today, which can fit in one hand but I can see how I could have reduced it to just 3 plastic gum wrappers.

What I did right:

*Bring my own lunch which was mostly locally sourced.
*Use reusable and recycled vessels to carry my food.
*Bring my own coffee in my own Thermos.
*Didn't buy anything new.

Where I strayed:

*Forgot a cloth napkin.
*Forgot utensils.
*Waited too long to eat a snack so grabbed first snack I came across
which was in a plastic wrapper.

Overall, easier than I expected but still took thoughtful planning and execution. Tomorrow.....Trash Day!


  1. Yay!
    Do you have a locker or drawer at work where you could keep your utensils/napkin during the week so you wont forget them? (this is assuming you have somewhere you can wash your utensils too?) I have to keep a water cup and a coffee cup in my locker so I dont have to use the styrofoam ones.

  2. Hey that's a GREAT idea!! Thanks:) We have a kitchenette at work with a sink. I'm going to do this and pass this on.